Dear Family,

I had only been a Seventh Day Adventist
for a few months when on a Sabbath Day
I faced a challenge in my life that almost
caused me to cancel my membership.
On this particular Sabbath in the Swan River
Adventist Church, the Sabbath School teacher
upheld a Baptist Evangelical preacher,
Billy Graham,
as being
“a wonderful Godly man.”  I had heard Billy say
something fairly recently to that Sabbath that
was an absolute lie !  I spoke up in class and
stated that Billy Graham was a false preacher !
I did not know that there was a family visiting
that day who were devotees of Billy Graham
and whose Son was courting one of the Adventist
young ladies in The Adventist Church.  Well you
can imagine that these people were naturally
offended as were the parents of the young lady.
After church, the Adventist Pastor reprimanded me
for my remarks !
Well, thankfully, My Dear Father, supported my position
and told the Pastor that he agreed with what I had said
because it was the Truth and people get offended at
the Truth, but it is still the Truth !
Well all that week and the next I was weighing the
question, “should I remain in the Adventist church
if they could not understand that the preachers in
Babylon were all false preachers ?
That challenge proved to be only the first of many
that I have faced  with people in the church who
are unconverted, Laodiceans and do not like to
hear The Truth, neither do they understand The Truth !
Well two weeks later we went to church and I had
not yet settled the question in my mind. I went into
the church and sat down to wait for Sabbath School
to begin.  As I sat down I reached for a hymnal and
as I opened it my eyes fell on hymn # 443, titled,
Workman Of God. I read the following lines and
my question was answered, God had a work for
me to do in the Adventist Church and I must not
leave at this point in time !  So I have remained
a Seventh Day Adventist for 50 years because
The Truth that was revealed to the people who
did not lose faith in the message they had received
in 1844, even though they had suffered a bitter
disappointment is indeed The Truth and it is
Bible Truth and has not changed in 150 years,
although the gates of hell have tried to tear it down !
However; it is imperative to understand, that some of
the doctrines have been changed by Agents of Satan,
(((tares))) that have entered the church with the express
purpose to destroy  The Adventist Church !  Very few
people understand what has and is happening before
their eyes because they are asleep and happy in their
Laodicean mind set !
So sadly the challenge continues and comes from
many different people, even my Precious Children !
However; those who have “not walked in my moccasins”,
can not rightly judge me for my plain speaking and
exposing of the ABOMINATIONS, in the CHURCH
and in the world ! 
The Lord Jesus has called me to this work from my youth,
and I will not retreat until the True People of God,
cross The Jordan River, and enter the
Promised Land !
Workman of God! Oh, lose not heart,
But learn what God is like;
And on the darkest battlefield
Thou shalt know where to strike;
Thrice blest is he to whom is given
The instinct that can tell,
That God is on the field when He
Is most invisible.
Blest too is he who can divine
Where Truth and justice lie,
And dares to take the side,
that seems wrong to man’s blinded eye. 
Then learn to scorn the praise of men,
And learn to lose with God;
For Jesus won the world through shame, 
And beckons thee His road.
For right is right, since God is God,
And right the day must win;
To doubt would be disloyalty,
To falter would be sin.
Amen !
Dad & Grandpa

Posted by:  Rich

December 10, 2015