We must ask ourselves why did the

General Conference

Ministerial Association

print this book in 1998 that is

promoting Sunday as the Sabbath ?  

That is a very recent date !

Well, it is another evidence that the

General Conference

has plans for the
future that are

a betrayal
of Bible Truth

Will we heed
the warning
Add this to the other we sent you as to

what will take place when the Sunday Law is passed !
"The Lord has a controversy

with his professed people
in these last days.

In this controversy men in responsible positions
will take a course

to that pursued by Nehemiah.
They (SDA ministers)

 will not only ignore and despise

The Sabbath themselves, but

they (SDA Ministers)
will try
to keep it
from others by burying it

beneath the rubbish of custom and tradition.
In churches and in large gatherings in the open air,

ministers >
(SDA Ministers)

will urge
upon the people the necessity of keeping

the first day of the week.

are calamities on sea and land:

and these calamities will increase,

one disaster
following close upon another;

and the little band (144,000)

of conscientious


will be pointed out
as the ones who are

bringing the wrath
of God upon the world by

disregard of Sunday.  "
{RH, March 18, 1884 par. 8}

Conference Prints Book

Promoting Sunday Worship


Book designed for pastors