Who are standing in the counsel of God at this time?
 Is it those who   virtually   excuse wrongs   among the
professed people of God and who murmur in their hearts ,
if not openly, against  those who would reprove sin ?
 Is it those who take their stand against   them and
sympathize with those who commit wrong ?   No, indeed!
 Unless they repent , and   leave the work of Satan  in
oppressing  those who have the burden of the work
and in   holding up the hands of sinners  in Zion, they
will never receive  the mark of God’s sealing approval.
They will fall in the general destruction of the wicked,
represented by the work of the five men bearing
slaughter weapons.   Mark this point with care:
 Those who  receive    the pure mark of truth , wrought
in  them  by the power of   The Holy Ghost , represented
by   a mark  by  the man in linen ,   are those  “that sigh
and that cry for  all the abominations that be done 
in  the church Their love for purity  and  the honor and
 glory of    God  is such, and   they have so clear a view  of
 the exceeding sinfulness of sin,  

that they are represented
as being in agony, even sighing and crying.
Read the ninth chapter of Ezekiel. { 3T 267.1}
"But   the general slaughter  of   all those 

who do not thus see

the wide contrast between sin and righteousness,  
and do
 not feel as those do who stand in the counsel  

of  God  and receive  the mark

is described in the order to

The Five Men
with slaughter weapons: “   Go ye after him 

  through the city ,
and  smite : let not your eye spare, neither have ye pity :
 slay utterly    old   and  young , both  maids ,

 and  little children ,
and  women : but   come not near any man upon whom is
 the mark ; and begin at   My sanctuary .”
"and they began at the   Ancient Men
that were before the house."
{ 3T 267.2}
This terrible slaughter begins with those
Seventh Day Adventist Ministers
who have deceived the people and joined hands
with the  Papal Antichrist  ! 

These professed shepherds of  God's Church ,
completely ignored this   Scripture  and signed
several contracts with the   Catholic Church
and the   Catholic controlled United Nations,
leading Laodicean Adventists to literally worship,

Rich & Joyce

January 21, 2016