In 1978 we were living in the beautiful valley 

of Creston, B.C.; a valley of fruit trees,

veggie gardens and farms.

That winter, three friends and I decided to 

produce a semi-truck load of firewood for sale 

in Calgary, Alberta.  One of my friends had

five acres and lots of birch trees on it, all

we needed was a wood splitter which I

made from an old hay baler  and we were

ready to go !

I was felling the trees and my friend was

pulling them down to the wood splitter

with his little John Deere crawler.

We had been working part of the morning

when I needed to walk down to the truck

and sharpen and re-fuel my chain saw.

I had been working without my hard hat,

but as I walked away from the truck to 

return to falling trees, I was impressed

that I should put my hard hat on which

I did.

As you can see in this picture, birch trees 

often grow in groups of three or four.  As I

fell one of these trees, it went into a clump 

of Alder trees and the result was lights

out for me !  Alders are often rotten though

still standing and when the birch tree hit

the Alder trees, about forty feet broke off

and came back and walloped me on the head !

My Friend came back for another pull of

logs and he could not see me standing  

anywhere, but he could hear the chain saw

running at an idle.  He came over to the saw

and I was laying in the snow. I came to

my senses just then and he helped me

down to the truck as my arm was very

painful to move. The blow to my head had

busted the nylon straps inside the hard hat

so that tells how hard the blow was when

the tree hit me !

Well that ended our firewood project and I landed

in the hospital.  Xrays showed I had a broken

neck.  They operated immediately, took a piece

of bone from the back side of my left hip and

placed it in my neck, next to the break to give

support when it was healed.  Then I was placed

in one of these Stryker-frame beds for three


4 hours looking up at the ceiling then they would 

turn it and I was four hours looking at  the floor !

All the nurses were so kind and helpful, God Bless

them for the work they do !  I really had no idea

of the challenges they face every day until one

day when they came to rotate the bed, one nurse

said, "Mr. Weber, we are not going to let you out

of here" !  I said, "O' why is that"?  "Well" she said

many of the patients curse and swear at us and you

are always quiet and appreciative of our help" ! 

said, "God gets all the glory for He is the one

who gives me peace and joy even in this trial

I am going through" !

And truly He did.  I was able to share the "Good

News" of Jesus with several staff and one

patient in the same room as I was for a few days.

It was one of the best three weeks of my life ! 

The man that was in the same room for three days,

had been injured in a water skiing accident and

was a member of the Pentecostal church. One

day as they served us our lunch, he said, "Well

Rich, this looks pretty good, a slice of beef,

some potatoes and veggies."  Then he said, "What

did they bring you"?

"Well", I said, "I am a rabbit".  "A what", he said !  

"I am a vegan. I have a bowl of different kinds of fruit".

He said to his wife who was visiting him, "Honey

maybe we should be vegans too" !  She was

not so sure she knew how to cook vegan meals.

I could understand her thoughts, but it really

is simple to be a vegan.  A variety of fruits,

nuts, grains and veggies will give you all the

elements you need for good health ! It

was a very pleasant three days having him

in the room !

This was in March of 1978.

As you can see from this Calendar, Easter was

on Sunday, March 26. So unknown to me, the

man who had stayed in the same room for three

days had rented a TV for me to be able to watch

some of the programming on Easter Sunday !

I had watched a film on the life of Christ and then

there came on the TV screen the title of a movie

called:  The Robe of Peter !

As I watched this movie begin I saw it was

something about The Catholic Church and

the Popes.  I had no idea what was taking place

in the Vatican and so what I was watching was

interesting, but little did I know it was all  very

real but would not happen until October and 

September of 1978 and I was seeing this on

Easter Sunday, March 26, 1978 !  As I watched

I saw that a pope had died and another was

elected.  Many scenes passed over the screen

which I do not remember, but some stood out

vividly in my mind after that day.

One scene that never left my mind was a day

when the Pope had a visitor.  He was from another

country and spoke earnestly of the need of

reconciliation between his church and the 

Catholic Church, but I never understood which

church he was from. But as I watched this event,

suddenly the visitor clutched his throat and fell

dead at the pope's feet.

I do not remember if I realized at the time I was

seeing all of this taking place on the TV, that I

was actually seeing the lives of two popes, 

John Paul 1 and then John Paul 2.  Ten years

went by when an event caused me to really

investigate what I had actually seen on

  March 26, 1978. 

It had been one of the daily things for me

to listen to the 6 PM CBC Radio news.

In the first week of June, 1988, I went in

the house to catch the news but was a few

minutes too late.  I just heard the very last

item for that news cast and the announcer

said this:

"And finally in today's news, 

Pope John Paul 2, visited the Ferrari Motor

Plant and took a ride in one of their latest models".

I was startled !  This was June of 1988, and I

had watched him do that on The Robe of Peter

in 1978, but now it happened ten years after

I first saw it ! I began to realize that if it just

happened today in June 1988, ten years after

I saw it on TV in 1978, then God was working

a miracle.  My eyes were fully open, I was

looking at the TV, but what I was seeing was

still future !  For sure I NEEDED MORE


I had a copy of the 1970, "Catholic Almanac"

that I bought for reference purposes in a 

second hand book store.  I wrote to three

Catholic media sources and received two replies.


As you can see, that date on this letter is

June 8, 1988. 


So they had not seen or heard of 

"The Robe of Peter" !

By the way Friends, God chose that name,

not me !

I then checked with video stores, no one

had it on their list !

Now what do I do ?

16 years went by and no clues to verify what

I had seen.  Then a Friend loaned me a copy of

the book; "Keys of This Blood", by the Jesuit,

Malachi Martin.  I read on one page about the

visitor from another church and the event

that took place in the pope's study.  I learned

that he was from the Russian Orthodox Church

and that his name was Nikodim.  So I went on the

Google Search and here is what I found !

So, it really did happen just exactly as I saw it

on March 26, 1978 !  God did do something special

and gave me a vision of what was happening in

the very rooms of the Vatican !  That is a very

humbling experience Friends, for like Isaiah

I am a "man of unclean lips" and as said the the 

Apostle Paul, I die daily at the foot

of the cross !  But if you knew

the battle we have been fighting against Satan

and blind leaders for 50 years and Laodicean

church members, it is very encouraging for us

to never give up, God is on our side !


Now back to John Paul 2 and the ride in the

Ferrari !

I wrote CBC Radio but never received any

reply at all.  Some years passed and one day

I decided to contact the official Vatican News



 We received a prompt reply and after a few

emails and sending them a small sum indeed

for these photos, they sent us these three

verifying the event we had seen 



This we saw 10 years before it happened !

God has sent us proof that He is well aware

of all the Devil and his imps are doing and plan 

to do !  The countdown is on and they shall

face The Judge of all the earth and receive

their reward for all the evil they have done !

The final scene came with BBC Correspondent

David Willy, reporting from Rome that the pope,

((((Francis ???)))) had just pledged the wealth

of the Catholic Church to save the world from

the total collapse of the monetary system

that had just occurred !

Then I saw the pope in conversation with several

leaders of various nations, China, US, Russia

and others on the large TV Monitors and 

they were not happy !  

It was 

obvious that the Pope was in big trouble !

And that My Friends, is exactly as God said

the end would be.  All these nations have been

blindly giving allegiance to the Papacy

expecting to set up their

 Luciferian New World Order and what

they thought would be forever, but they

suddenly awake to the fact that they have

been deceived and are about to be destroyed by

Jesus Christ as he descends from heaven





REVELATION 17:16 - 17.

"And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and 


  For God hath put in their hearts to fulfill His will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the Words of God shall be fulfilled."




December 21, 2013

North Bend, B.C.