Ukrainian Armed Forces in "misery" pushed back

10.08.2014 | Source: 


Ukrainian Armed Forces in

Yet again a unit of the Ukrainian Armed Forces ran

out of ammunition during a fierce firefight with

anti-Fascist fighters as they tried, and failed, to

surround the city of Donetsk on Saturday. Reports

from the front line spell a story of misery, bad

preparation, bad leadership and confusion.

In an interview with the Ukrainian publication Gordon, a soldier, who

asks not to be named, fearing for his comrades, states: "You know, not

long ago, I realized with horror that Russian "Channel One" tells more

truth about the Ukrainian army's situation in the ATO zone than our

media does".

He confirmed reports in the Russian media that Ukrainian army units

had crucified a three-year-old boy in Slaviansk and claims only 20 per

cent of the locals in Donbas welcome the Ukrainian Armed Forces while

80% want them to go away.

On Saturday the Ukrainian Armed Forces suffered heavy losses trying

and failing to perform the encirclement of Donetsk. Admitting to many

victims, eye witnesses state that the real figure is always far higher.

Meanwhile the humanitarian situation in the cities of Donetsk and

Lugansk worsens. While Russia states it is ready to launch an

operation in the area to help the civilians, the west procrastinates.