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 "The latest article on abuse against children  is 
a sore point in our family. We had a 4 day 
old baby  come to our place in 1995  and she 
stayed with us for 22 months  and then they 
sent her home. We protested to the department  
but of course they didn’t listen. The previous 
sibling had died at 3 months with 33 broken  
bones and the 2 other children in foster care.  
They told us that  2 year olds aren’t  likely to 
be hurt physically which was total nonsense.  
The mother let her come to our place most 
weekends on a voluntary basis and this went 
on for 9 years. We noticed her behaviour getting  
worse  and refusing to go home but saying nothing.

   Anyway she came back in 2006 and stayed 
until 2010 when the department moved her into a residential home. Her behaviour was totally  out of control by this time.  She grew up with drugs , 
alcohol, domestic violence , sexual abuse  and 
now chain smokes. She lives back home and 
the same lifestyle  but is unable to work because 
of emotional problems.  We saw her in December
 and she brought us presents for everyone.  She 
told  me her best friend from  the residential 
home threw herself  in front of a moving train a 
couple of weeks ago.  This poor girl broke every 
bone in her body plus had a lung removed  and 
 now is in a wheelchair. The people who run these departments have a lot to answer  one day. 
It has taken me years  to cope with what  
happened and she is one of thousands
 more out there.    Thanks for all your articles."