Dear Friends,
It was very good to see You again and we thank You for coming and celebrating with us at Ric's wedding.
We also thank you for an Invitation to attend church services.  Events have continued to transpire within the General Conference that 
since we withdrew our membership in 1991, 
make it impossible for us to attend on a regular basis, any church who still is a member
 of the General Conference and supports their agenda !
When it began to become  public knowledge in 1990 that for 20 years already that the GC had hired a hypnotist by the name of John Savage 
and had been sending ministers and local 
church leaders to take NLP, which
 is Neuro Linqustic Programing, which is 
a form of hypnosis, we contacted Ron Watts 
and asked him why this was being done, 
he wrote saying he was not sure what we were concerned about and needed more
 information, which we then sent to him.  
Then I went to his office and had a 30 minute conversation with him and he knew exactly 
what was happening and told me
 that almost all of the 3000 Ministers in the 
North American Division had taken Lab One
and that 200 had taken Lab Two
 so they could teach Lab One.  So he lied 
to me in his letter.
For us that was the "last straw" and we withdrew our membership from the GC Organization !
Since that time it has only gotten worse and in 2001, the General Conference officially endorsed
Roman Catholic Jesuit Spiritual Formation
to be taught in all 13 regions of the world church.
 Spiritual Formation is the Spiritual Exercises
of Ignatius Loyola the devil possessed founder
of the   Jesuit Order .
Here is the link to one of our web sites where
this "departure" from Christ, is explained in detail.  
This is open to any church member who desires
to be a member of Christ's True church,
Which is the Seventh Day Adventist Church
that protests all these abominations that have
been brought in by Catholic Infiltrators !
In Christian Love,
Rich & Joyce