Dear Friends

We pray this finds you in the very best of health and rejoicing in the goodness of our Father in Heaven.
Much has happened in our lives since last we communicated with you.  Over the past several months I became weaker and weaker and could only take a few steps at a time and I was out of breath.  Our dear children realized  I was in serious trouble and ordered an ambulance to take me to the hospital. When I arrived at the Abbotsford hospital several doctors examined me and said that if I had not come in I would have been dead in three or four days !  I had developed Pulmonary Pneumonia, my body cavities were full of fluid and I was literally dying.
God had mercy upon me and used our dear children and the very kind ambulance drivers and close friends to urge me not to wait any longer and so by His healing power exercised through all the wonderful doctors, nurses and staff of the Abbotsford and St. Paul's hospitals I am still in the land of the living and making a very good recovery !
As soon as I got there they put me on intravenous diuretics and antibiotics which continued for three weeks and then I had an Angioplastic operation by which they were able to open a heart valve wider to give me a better supply of oxygen.  It was a complete success and now I am able to walk hundreds of feet at a slow pace without even a walker ! Praise God !
Because of this, we have moved to Abbotsford for the winter and our Dear Children are just taking care of our every need and more !  We are living in a new seniors building in a small apartment which is furnished with all new appliances and furnishings. We are very thankful for this great blessing from above !
God has been very gracious and given me a few more years of life just before His glorious return.  We have seen His powerful hand working again and again during the three weeks we were in the hospital and after.  The Social Worker at St. Paul's hospital even located several possibilities for housing and this one we are in was not supposed to be available until six months after we left the hospital but just a day before we were discharged, it suddenly became open and they accepted 
our application !  Isn't God wonderful !
And so Dear Friends we just wanted to share this with you and let you know we think of you often and pray for all our Friends each day.
We just got Internet again yesterday.   
God Be With You Always
Rich & Joyce