it is astounding what the human mind will accept as true when they are exposed to teachings from their birth which, for the majority of humans on this planet, is a perversion of the one and only truth in all the universe. All three persons in this picture, had the misfortune of being born to parents who were deceived by their parents, who were deceived by their parents, going back hundreds of years in time and all were deceived by Satan and under his control.  Because of this, Mr. Ratzinger chose to be a Nazi and then a priest of the Roman Catholic Church which brought him to the highest position in the Catholic Hierarchy as Pope of 1.2 billion Catholics around the world.

But, not only is Mr. Ratzinger the spiritual leader of Catholics under his assumed title of Benedict XV1, but, the greater part of the professed Protestant churches, bow down to him as the Spiritual Leader of the world ! So, he has retired and we must up-date this narrative to the new Pope who has chosen the name of Francis , but, before we go there we want to show you some more of the men and women, "rulers of this world" who come before him dressed in black or dark blue suits as a  sign to the pope and to the whole world that they consider the "Pontiff" to be their "Superior" both politically and spiritually !

What about this man !

Yes, not just Mr. Harper, but the whole family dressed in "black" with his daughter in dark blue.  I find it interesting that although very few families get this, "privilege" ((if it really is that)) but, the whole family look rather "glum" about the whole affair !

Now consider this fellow Canadian, our government considers itself to be "inferior" to the pope of the Roman Catholic Church ! I thought Canada was a "Soveriegn Nation" and a "FREE" country  !

Remember:  Vatican City is a "Soveriegn Nation" not just the "church offices" of the Catholic Church ! It has its own flag, its own government ministries, its own bank, post office and other services. The pope has his own "Swiss Guards" as well as other security police on duty. 

How come so many nations send their "ambassadors" to the so called: "Holy See" and maintain permanent diplomatic offices in the Vatican ? !

Many diplomats and religious leaders have declared the pope as the only man capable of being the leader of the nations !

Do you know of any other man on earth who has been so highly exalted ?  It is even as the Word of God declared in:

 Revelation 13: 3 & 4. 

"And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.  
 13:4 And they worshiped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshiped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him ?"  

Englands, Tony Blair

Mr. Blair is working with the Pope to establish a "One World Religion".  

They share a "friendly" Mason handshake !

The Pope is the "head" of a large family of "Globalists" ! When the Jesuits and Rothshields set up the secret order of the Illuminati, with the express purpose of establishing a "New World Order", the Catholic Church, which had ruled Europe for 1200 years, was coming to the end of the time allotted by God for her to rule before she would receive a "deadly wound" in 1798 !  

   The Great Protestant Reformation had shaken St. Peters Basilica to the core. Many "reformers" arose in different countries calling for a change in the policies and practices of the "Un-holy See" !  While each of these men had their effect on the 'COMING OUT' from the PAPAL CHURCH, leading the charge was Martin Luther the "monk" in Germany who posted his 95 propositions on the abuses of indulgences on the door of the church in Wittenburg at the "Feast of All Saints" !

In 1540 the most cruel order of the Jesuits came into being with a Spaniard at the helm by the name of Ignatius Loyola. Their goal was the destruction of Protestantism and restoring The Papacy to power in Europe. The "Jesuits" became so eager in their project that the Catholic Monarchs of Europe demanded of the Pope that he disband them !  But the Jesuits were so angry with this turn of events that they went "underground", formed the "Illuminati", brought about the "French Revolution" toppled the crown on the Popes head, then two years later installed their own pope and that is the way it has been ever since !  Rothschild and the Jesuits control the Vatican and the world and now the pope they "picked" for this "final run" is a full fledged, "Jesuit" !  All his "humility" and "love for the poor", goes no further than the goals of the "New World Order", which is the worship of the "fallen angel", Lucifer, and the slaughter of all those who refuse to join the party ! !

That above is a brief synopsis of the events of forming  the Illuminati, French Revolution  etc; for some very interesting history visit this link @

I came across this picture a few days ago that is very revealing.   When Henry Viii left the Catholic Church because they would not grant him a divorce, The Church of England in reality remained Catholic.

Dressed in their "Royal Black" they admit their subservience to the Catholic Pope !

Here she is with John Paul ii.

What about Prince Charles the heir to the throne ?

Here he is with his rightful wife and John Paul 2 !

The "puppet" is wearing a "dark blue" suit !

Now here he is with Pope Benedict !

Benedict has a strange look of pure satisfaction ! 

But, this next one is unique !  The very organization whose "leaders" are to lead the charge in exposing the "son of perdition", also called, "the man of sin" and by Martin Luther and many other reformers, "the anti-christ"; has joined the van of apostate protestants and adorned itself in a black suit as it bows in submission at the Pope's feet ! 

And they tell the whole world that Anti-Christ is now their Friend !