Look  carefully  at  this  photo  of  the  pilot's 
cabin  of  flight  MH  17 What  do  you  see ?

Notice that some bullets entered from this side
and others entered from the other side of
the cabin.  This is clear by the fact that
some of the holes show a "clean" entry and
from the other side a "jagged hole" shows the exit
of the bullet leaving the metal pushed outward.

Also notice that the bullet holes from this side
are uniform distance from each other, that is
because the canon fires a bullet at a fraction
of a second one after another and with  the
movement of MH  17  you see perfect spacing
of the bullet holes that entered the cabin from
this side of the plane !

Also; look closely, it is the same uniform
distance for the bullet holes that came from
the other side !

The Western leaders and their puppet reporters
try to tell us this is ''shrapnel" from a missile,
but if were from shrapnel, 
the holes would be
scattered and not uniform as this photo shows !

MH  17 was shot down by two Ukrainian Jet
fighter planes that show up on the radar
images at the time it was happening !

 Here is a video commenting on this event.

 Neither Russia or the Protesters had

anything to gain by shooting down this

plane, but,  it was the US, the Ukrainian

government and NATO that staged

the whole event to point the finger

at Russia, but once again they failed !

I expect Russia is about to impose a

military solution to the war of genocide

that is being carried out by the

Ukrainian Catholic Nazi Assassins

in Kiev !

This is part of the prophecy of the Eleventh

chapter of Daniel, verses 40 - 45.  The events

in Ukraine, are directed by the Vatican

"King of The North"

as the Catholic Church pursues its goal

to install the


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August 05, 2014 @ 10: 29  Pacific Time