I was born in Swan River, Manitoba October 5, 1942.  Unknown to my parents I had a faulty heart valve. Because of shortness of breath, my mother took me to  a doctor when I was about 12 years old.  The doctor told her not to be concerned that I could just go ahead and do what I could do.

As the years went by, I had no real problem enjoying my childhood and days of youth and into my adult years.  Only occasionally did my shortness of breath hinder my actions.  At about 50 years old I began to notice more of a difficulty in shortness of breath.  From 60 onward I began to struggle to do my daily routine.  I would have more and more difficulty with breathing as I climbed towards the 70 mark.

After 65 it became very difficult just to do the work around garden and yard.  Then in the summers of 2012, 2013 and 2014 I was coming up short after only five or ten steps.

Last summer I had a very difficult time and by November of 2014 I was walking from counter to table to............. !  I hesitated to go to the doctor because part of my illness was due to a shot for Tetanus which I really didn't need for there was no open wound.  But finally, my family and friends urged me  to go and sent an ambulance to take me to emergency at the Abbotsford. B.C. hospital.

When the doctors examined me, they were amazed at my condition.  They told me I was a very sick man and had I not come in I would have been dead within three or four days !  They said, "If you are willing to follow our plan, we can save your life and get you well again."  I said, "Let's go" !

Immediately they put me on intravenous antibiotics and the process began. I had developed "congestive heart failure" and my upper body cavity was filled with fluid. My body was swollen more than twice the normal size due to the extra fluid.

Amazingly, by the mercy of God and the wisdom He had given these medical professionals, within three days my arms and hands were down to almost 

normal size !

I shall ever be thankful to God and

to everyone in the hospital who gave

me such loving and tender care.  God

Bless them all !

I spent the first week in the 

Abbotsford hospital and then was

transferred to the St. Paul's Hospital

in Vancouver, B.C. where I went through

many tests and then had an 

Angioplasty operation to correct a

malfunctioning heart valve.

The operation was a total success

and now I am able to walk 15 minutes

without running short of breath and

at a brisk pace !  God is so good

to all His suffering children and

even to those who do not love Him !

We are all God's Children, but most

are in rebellion against their

Heavenly Father !

Friends; Jesus is the Master Healer

and if we are healed it is not because

of any drugs but, in spite of these

poisons !  Jesus, The Creator and 

Sustainer of all life, has designed

the body to fight attacks from bad

bacteria and restore itself to a large

degree even from the terrible effects

of bad food choices, and from the

destruction of alcohol, tobacco and


Jesus has given us 8 "Natural Doctors"

They are:

1. Proper Diet

2. Exercise

3. Fresh Air

4. Sunshine

5. Pure Water

6. Temperance

7. Sufficient Rest

8. Trust in Divine Power.

Jesus Wonderful Jesus

as resurrected me from death,

given me a few more years of life

with My Sweetheart, Our Precious

Children, Family and Friends !

Soon, we shall see Him face to face,

are we ready to meet Him ?



January 31, 2015

Abbotsford, B.C.