Laminations 1:10
   "The adversary hath spread out his
hand upon all her pleasant things: for she hath seen that the heathen entered into her sanctuary, whom Thou did command that
they should not enter
into thy congregation."
Sister White warned of this:
"The religion of Jesus is endangered. It is
 being mingled with worldliness.
Worldly policy is taking the place of 
the true piety and wisdom that comes
 from above, and God    will remove His 
 prospering hand from the conference.
  Shall The Ark of The Covenant be
 removed from this people? Shall idols be
 smuggled in ? Shall false principles
and false precepts be
 brought into The Sanctuary  ?
 antichrist be respected   ?
Shall the true doctrines and principles  
given us by God  , which have made us
 what we are, be ignored ? Shall God's
 instrumentality, The Publishing House ,
 become a mere political, worldly
 institution ? This is directly where the
 enemy, through blinded, unconsecrated
 men, is leading us." 
{CW 95.3}
Examine this picture very carefully and
 ask yourself, why an old Catholic Prison
 and torture house was placed on the
General Conference advertisement ?
Look at the picture below it and ask
 yourself, "Why is the hat of Catholic 
 priests given special emphasis ?
That surely is not just a coincidence !
If you are not familiar with the,
Battle of The Alamo,
look it up on Wiki !
Directly related to the GC Session !


The top part of this picture added to
 show The Catholic Hat
and that it is a place of execution !
This picture was especially created
by  a faithful Adventist  to  show the
Catholic designs   It is not part of the
General Conference brochure ! 
If  you  are  not  familiar  with  the
already in progress military  exercise
look it up, it could save your life !