How shall we stand when we see Our God in
power and glory !  
Hebrews 12: 29

Awesome words !
Do we have the "gold tried by fire"  or works of
hay and stubble !
One thing is for certain, the SDA Leaders have
far beyond being friendly with other churches,
they have become one with them !
".......we are called, as were the children of Israel,
to be a peculiar people, a holy nation, separate and distinct
from all other people on the face of the earth."  
CG 496
"God’s people today are to keep themselves
distinct and separate from the world,
its spirit, and its influences." 
{ CH 290.2} 
How can the daughters of Babylon lead anyone
to ChristThey abolished The Law, changed
The Sabbath, teach immortality of the soul,
eternal hell fire, and a host of
non Biblical
doctrines !  What do we have, "in
with these churches ?  NOTHING !
"The leaders of this people, (SDA)
cause them to err,and they that are led of
are destroyed !"
Isaiah 9: 16