I wish you could understand that we are not denouncing
The Church.
We are denouncing the evil deeds of the men and women
who profess to be followers of Jesus, 

and claim their organization is "the church",

 but who have joined with the Devil and his agents !

The Seventh Day Adventist Church is not Babylon, 

never was Babylon, and never will be Babylon !  

Why is that so hard to understand ?  

 But an organization that that is helping 

the UN in its goals, is not 

Christ's Church !
The Catholic Pope & The Jesuits are the "beast" of 

Revelation 13, 14, 17,and 18th chapters.  

The members of Christ's Church are supposed to warn

the people of this Satanic power 

and identify the pope as the Antichrist !

But instead of exposing the 

 wickedness of the "man of sin",  

as The Spirit commands, 

 they have told the whole world that the pope is not
the Antichrist and is the Friend of 

Seventh Day Adventists !

Can you not see that, that kind of theology,

 totally destroys 

The Everlasting Gospel of Revelation 14: 6 - 12 !?
Have you ever read this statement by the 

General Conference ?



March 16, 2015 | Silver Spring, Maryland, United States

| Andrew McChesney/Adventist Review


The Seventh-day Adventist Church has issued

an official statement on vaccines,

saying it “encourages responsible immunization”

and has no faith-based reason to discourage believers

from participating in immunization programs.

The full statement, titled, “Immunization,” says:

The Seventh-day Adventist Church places

strong emphasis on health and well-being.

 The Adventist health emphasis is based

 on Biblical revelation,

the inspired writing of E.G. White 

(co-founder of the church),

 and on peer-reviewed scientific literature. ?

As such, we encourage responsible

immunization/vaccination, and have

 no religious or faith-based

reason not to encourage our adherents 

to responsibly participate

in protective and preventive

 immunization programs. 

We valuethe health and safety of the population, 

which includes the maintenance of

‘herd immunity.’ "  ?

The New World Order
are already forcing people to be vaccinated
with their deadly vaccines and the  General Conference
says it approves !
Millions of people are dying because of these poisons
and all are suffering from 

dangerous and health destroying
side effects 

and the General Conference calls that
healthy living  !  Surely these men are not ignorant
of the facts and yet they issue this 

diabolical statement

consigning MILLIONS of men, women and children to

years of suffering and death !
They have approved the plans of the  Illuminati
to depopulate the earth !

Jesus would never approve their plan !

They are a part of the Synagogue of Satan !
It is time to wake up !

My Friend responded with:

"A child can understand the Gospel and this is not the Gospel, it is not love, it is hate etc; you need to stop denouncing and read Philipians where God tells us not to dwell on evil but to think on those things of GOOD report and this is not about a good report."

I then replied:

So it is OK with you that the General Conference 

has consigned
millions of men, women and children to 

many years of suffering
from the horrible poisons in the deadly vaccines 

that the drug companies
inject into them  via the medical profession ! 
Very many die from these poisons !
It is OK with you that the  

is using this method to help them
destroy 90% of the Population of the earth !
8 years later I am still suffering from one tetanus shot
that I did not need  !  And  thousands more are
experiencing  the same thing !
This is proof that the 

General Conference 

is part of the 


and are preparing with them for 

a massive slaughter 

of all who resist
Revelation 13: 15 - 18
  That is a terrible position to hold !

In spite of your position

we do love you

and pray that your eyes may be opened


The Spirit of God !