You may already have seen this, but it is very interesting in the The Light of Prophecy  coming to a quick finish !  This is a first as the article says, that the Catholic Church has been called before a world body to answer for their horrible sex crimes committed for centuries against thousands of their own people ! 

Because the Vatican had signed a UN resolution to protect children, thinking to protect their own filthy hides, they could not find an excuse not to appear before a UN panel to face charges of child abuse that had been going on for centuries.  Here is a link to one news report.
Of course the Vatican wasn't going to take that without some kind of excuse and so here is the link to their response:
This is very interesting because the UN is actually a Catholic"tool" for their plan of a Papal New World Order. Now even her own, "children" can not stand her wicked deeds and have publicly called her to stop this horrible crime against humanity !
So now we have the "daughters" of "The Whore" accusing "Their Mother" of great wickedness !  This is the beginning of the final destruction of the "Mother of Harlots" as described in the last verses of Revelation 17: 16 - 18 !
We used to be called "bigots, fanatics, and a host of other names for exposing the wickedness of the Catholic Church but now her own children are doing it proving that what we have been saying for 50 years is 100% true !